You will need to let us know the area or zip codes you’re interested in and what type of delivery you want (i.e. to homes, apartments, etc.). If you need flyers printed, please visit our Print page for pricing.  Turnaround time varies depending on the distribution location, the weather, other campaigns in the area, etc.

– Payment in full is due prior to delivery.
– Cash, check or credit card.
(If paying by credit card there will be a 3.75% fee added)

– All bad checks are subject to a $25.00 fee.

Please bring your flyers, maps, and payment to the following address:


(If not home, please leave on the front porch.)


locate 1: Locate

Determine what zip codes, or neighborhoods you want to advertise in.

Zip Codes Maps GilbertChandlerMesaQueen CreekTempe, Phoenix, ScottsdaleAhwatukee

print 2: Print

Print maps of what area you want us to deliver to.
Here is an example map – please click HERE to see it!

pay 3: Payment

Bring a check or cash to our home with your flyers.

deliver 4: Deliver

Once we receive your flyers, map and payment we will schedule your delivery. If you are not able to bring flyers to us, you can use our referred courier Mik,  http://onehourmessenger.com