My name is Stefanie McKinney and I am the owner of The Flyer Guys L.L.C., a small family owned and run business. The Flyer Guys was an idea that came directly from struggles as a small business owner. I have been involved in several companies over the past 15 years. One of these was a large fee for service organization, service being the key word. I next owned and operated a business retailing nutritional supplements and I even tried my hand in real estate. I had some success in all of these business ventures but found the one common thread in each was the extraordinary amount of money and time spent on advertising. I spent thousands of dollars on internet leads, newspaper ads, money mailer coupons etc. Often I did this to find that our dollars were wasted on leads which were sold 2 and 3 times or found ourselves in newspaper ads that were surrounded by others in our industry.

Flyer Guys Family

The Flyer Guys was developed to help you, the small business owner, achieve your advertising goals without having to chase leads or put yourself in financial ruin. I specialize in helping you achieve your advertising goals because I understand exactly what you are going through.