My name is Stefanie McKinney

I am the owner of The Flyer Guys L.L.C., a small family owned and run company

Flyer Company

The Flyer Guys AZ Company Is Bound to

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The Flyer Guys was an idea for a company that came directly from struggles as a small business owner. I have been involved in several companies over the past 17 years. One of these was a large fee for service organization, service being the key word. I next owned and operated a business retailing nutritional supplements and I even tried my hand in real estate.

I had some success in all of these business ventures but found the one common thread in each was the extraordinary amount of money and time spent on advertising. I spent thousands of dollars on internet leads, newspaper ads, money mailer coupons etc. Often I did this to find that our dollars were wasted on leads which were sold 2 and 3 times or found ourselves in newspaper ads that were surrounded by others in our industry.


Our Clients



I don’t have any experience creating door hangers or flyers?

No problem. This is a common hurdle that keeps small businesses from marketing their products or services. You do not have to be an expert. Our professional ad designers will assist you in creating your message to help you get the biggest impact. If you need help, simply call our office..

What are the costs?

The cost varies depending on whether you just want distribution or if you want us to assist you with printing your advertisement or both. The best way to get an exact cost is to call our office or simply fill-out a quote request. We will send you a quote via email based on the information you provide us on your needs.

Is there a minimum for Flyer or Door Hangers Delivery?

If you are located in the east valley, there are NO minimums. If you are located outside of the east valley you will need to send me an email with the specifics to your delivery, and there is a 3000-piece minimum.

How do you verify delivery of my ad?

Bo, the Owner of The Flyer Guys, works directly with our street team at all times. This means are guys are never left unattended and there are always 7-10 guys working the area. Yes… this means Bo is also walking, driving and moving guys from street to street.

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