Today, The Flyer Guys is going to talk about designing a flyer that will stand out from all the others!  Everyday I get asked what type of flyer should I do? What should be on the flyer? Should it be color or black and white? Should it be a flyer, post card or door hanger?  Honestly all of these items work, it just depends on how you set up the design of the flyer.

How do I create a flyer that will be Unique?

Make a Good AdvertisingAs a business, it is important for you to Be unique And Stand Out from your competitors as well as Capture the Attention of your consumers within 3 seconds of them looking at your flyer.  In order to do this, you should think outside the box.  I’m going to talk first about a dentist flyer.  Everybody knows what a dentist does  You don’t need to explain it. What you could do instead of putting a picture of a pretty girl with pretty teeth is put a picture of a pretty girl with nasty, messed up teeth.  YES, use pictures.  Everyone views the pictures before they ever start reading. I am a firm believer in using funny pictures to grab your audience’s attention.  From there, you can list out your service and whatever special offer with which you would like to entice them.   What flyer picture would you remember? The funny picture will always win!


Creating a FlyerNext you need to know is what your competitors are offering. You want to make sure your offer is good enough that it makes your potential customer want to give you a try. Here I will use restaurants as an example.  We all have our favorite pizza place.  If I received a flyer on my door for a new pizza place and they were offering something little like a free drink or 10% off, this would not persuade me to want to leave my favorite pizza place.  So, ask yourself, what would it take to get potential customers to leave their favorite place to give you a try?  Well, I can tell you that I did a grand opening for a pizza company who was giving away a water bottle with their logo attached to it.  There was also an offer to come in for a free small pizza. It took us 3 long days to get all of these water bottle delivered but I will tell you they had a line wrapped around the building for all 3 days.  When I went in to talk to the owner, he stated that people come in and 99% of them buy several items to go along with their free small pizza.  This guy knew what he was doing!

The goal behind designing a flyer is to capture someone’s attention within three seconds of them walking up to their front door. A flyer is a piece of paper, postcard, door hanger or object that is placed in the crook of the front door or door mat in whatever neighborhood or ZIP Code you choose.

Advertisement FlyerOne of our biggest customers are Realtors.  Everybody has received a realtor flyer on their door.  Most of us look at it to see what the value of our neighborhood looks like and then if we are not interested in buying or selling, we throw them in the trash. This means your face, your marketing piece is in the trash in less than a minute.  So think outside the box… what can you do to keep the flyer in the house longer?  Well, we have different holidays throughout the year that you can market or any special events that will be taking place close by. You can do the sports schedule, school schedule, bulk trash pick up schedule, any kids activities close by during the summer, recipes, home tips, the watering schedule for that time of year and it goes on and on!   Now you have given them something useful and you will be going on the front of the refrigerator where they will be looking at your face every day for at least a month.   This is also a great opportunity to do a funny picture, instead of just the normal professional head shot.  I had a couple of agents who wore jail suits and were behind bars.  The picture was on their realtor signs and all their flyers. This was 10 years ago and I still remember this couple because they thought outside the box.

The last issue to speak about on this topic is who is my customer? While it may seem simple to just say anyone and everyone, this is rarely the case. Most people have a target market. You want to know your target market. For this example, I will use a painter.  Yes, anyone could need a painter at any age of the house, but we know that at about 10 years is when a majority of people start getting letters from the HOA about keeping up the look of the faded paint or how owners are just ready for an update.  So yes, you can get customers from any area but in marketing its all a numbers game. Go to where you will have a better return.

One of the things we stress to our new flyer customers is to track their return.

  1. How many calls did I get?
  2. How many of those calls did I turn into customers?
  3. Which areas did I get the most calls?

Do this for 90 days, know your numbers.  You can’t base it on one or two delivery runs  You have to be consistent and get enough flyers out there to get the phone ringing.  We tell people that the first 30 days is planting seeds, the next 30 days is watering the seeds and then the next 30 days they are growing.  And if you keep going month after month and target the right audience, you will be successful.

So the bottom line is all different types of flyers work. Its what you put on the flyer that will make you stand out.

Flyer delivery and door-to-door marketing is the most effective way to get your name and contact directly in front of consumers. We offer graphic design, printing and door to door delivery across the Phoenix area.  If you would like to give this a try, please give us a call or send us an email. 480-635-1770 or [email protected]