flyer guys azToday, The Flyer Guys thought it would be a good idea to speak about ways to see whether your flyer and flyer delivery are working for you. It’s one thing to have flyers designed, printed and delivered. The real question is the result!

One of the things we stress to our new flyer customers is to track their returns. Once your flyer has been designed, printed and delivered, the responsibility of whether it works falls on you. There is a ton of information to be leaned. We recommend setting up a 90 day flyer marketing plan. Once you set this into motion there is a lot that can be learned.


  1. How many calls did I get?
  2. How many of those calls did I turn into customers?
  3. Which areas/zip codes/cities/demographics did I get the most calls?
  4. Did I get a name, email and address so that I can create an information file for future advertisements?


Why a 90-day flyer marketing plan?

90 day flyer marketing action plan

  • You can use it to clearly track progress in the short-term.
  • You can use the data you gather over that 90-days to create a baseline that you can use to track your grand plan.
  • It enables you to redirect your plan if something is not working and do it quickly without worrying that it will affect your annual plan.
  • Using 90-day increments enable you to stay in tune with change and meet the market demands, without detouring from your master goal.
  • Your master plan will not become irrelevant because your 90-day goals will continue to drive you to the finish line.
  • Evaluate your results… How many flyers? How many leads? How many jobs did you complete?
  • What needs to be adjusted?
  • What better time to get started than today? I’ve always noticed when working with companies to redo their marketing plan and build out a workable strategy that it ignites a new excitement about the business and the potential that may have been lost in the paperwork and busyness of day-to-day duties.

The first thing you want to know is how many calls did I get and how many turned into customers?

  1. If 100 calls come in and only two sign on, this would tell you the flyer is working but the selling end in the phone call is lacking.
  2. If you only get 10 calls and all 10 become customers, this tells you the selling is excellent.
  3. If you are not getting any phone calls, then you are marketing to the wrong areas or there is something on the flyer that is turning people off.

Which areas did I get the most calls?

When tracking your calls, the basic information is essential. It allows you to track where the potential customer is located. If area A gets three calls and area B gets 200 calls, your flyer was obviously more receptive in the second area. You can then strategize why this is the case. It could be based on any number of factors so analyze the data. If you’re a realtor, is area A not an area of high turnover? Does area B have a boost of new homes? If you’re a pool company, does B have more pools than A? Does A have community pools nullifying the need? Are you targeting the right type of area? Family orientated or retirement area? These are the things YOU need to know to make your plan successful.

Lastly, did I get a name, email and address to track all information?

You want to be able to send them information, follow up and add them to a data base where you can continue to send them information. So Don’t forget to Ask! Right at the start of the phone conversation, this also helps break the ice and helps you build a repour with customers. Sometimes you get the job just because they had something or someone in common with you and they liked you even though you were more expensive.

Information is knowledge. Knowledge breeds success.

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