Marketing Flyer: 90-day Plan

Today, The Flyer Guys thought it would be a good idea to speak about ways to see whether your flyer and flyer delivery are working for you. It’s one thing to have flyers designed, printed and delivered. The real question is the result! One of the things we stress to...

How do I create a flyer that will be Unique?

Today, The Flyer Guys is going to talk about designing a flyer that will stand out from all the others!  Everyday I get asked what type of flyer should I do? What should be on the flyer? Should it be color or black and white? Should it be a flyer, post card or door...

Flyer Delivery

Hello all! In an effort to help simplify some of the questions that we receive daily throughout our practice in advertising and as flyer delivery professionals, We are going to be writing a blog. In it, we shall be focusing on three separate subject matters. I hope...

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